Our Founder

Hello! I’m Emily, founder of It Takes A Village.

Thanks for stopping by. Your time is precious, believe me – I know!

A little bit about me. I love people. I love creativity, community and being a mum. I’ve been self employed in the creative industries as a professional actress for the past 16 years, as well as working in copywriting for a digital comedy platform. Finding much of my industry coming to an abrupt halt with the pandemic, and suddenly unemployed at home with a six-month-old baby, I decided to use some of my time to train through the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers as a Mother Peer Supporter with a view to volunteering within postnatal health services.

I truly believe every mum has their own story to tell. Whether it’s one you want to shout from the rooftops or WhatsApp to your bestie during the 3am feed, your experiences matter and deserve to be heard. My own early experience of motherhood was bumpy to say the least, with recurrent miscarriage, postpartum sepsis, breastfeeding difficulties, and then a pandemic all taking a physical and mental toll. The care I received during my son’s birth and in that first 18 months was very much, shall we say, a mixed bag. Without a few key pieces of support from my partner and peers, two wonderful doulas, and a handful of healthcare professionals, my journey into motherhood may have felt far more insurmountable.

Back to this project. During my ABM training I came to understand the sad reality for new mums – it was going to take quite a while for in-person breastfeeding support groups to start again. Knowing how hard those early months can be, I wondered how on earth I would have coped with Zoom drop-ins and lack of a supportive social network. I felt a real pang to reach out to isolated mums during this horrible time. I took the plunge and applied to the local branch of the charity Mind for some Seed Funding to set up my own peer support group to focus on breastfeeding confidence and wellbeing. You probably guessed this as you’re here, but my application was successful and the rest is … well, baby steps. For now. So, when I’m not working, wrangling a Duracell Bunny toddler, or walking my dog, I’m doing this. I’m also training to be a practitioner with The Mindful Breastfeeding School, and can’t wait to share some techniques to help you find that moment of calm in your day.

I can’t wait for you to join us.

Emily x